ETATA - Enlace Terrestre Aeroportuario S.A. de C.V., Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo  

Leader in tourist transportation, we offer you and your dear family absolute safety and security in your transportation to any resort destination in the country. We have a fleet of luxury-class, private and exclusive ground transportation for tourists in air-conditioned, late-model vehicles driven by experienced drivers have local area knowledge for transportation to and from Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Troncones, Majahua, and Barra de Potosí.

If transportation is needed to other destinations please contact us by e-mail at It will be our pleasure to serve you.

We offer private vehicle service with driver in models Stratus, Malibu and Altima for from one to three persons with luggage.


If you prefer, we have private service using Suburbans and taxis with chauffeurs for from one to eight persons with luggage. All Suburbans and taxis are late-model units.

We also offer collective or shared transportation service.

Special Suburban

We have "grand touring" luxury class bus service for groups and conventions.

Luxury touring bus

Our buses are modern units equipped with:
  • Artificial climate
  • Audio and video TV
  • Restroom facilities
  • Microphone
  • Traveler's insurance
  • Speed control
  • Professional and experienced drivers

We feature late-model vehicles as well as traveler's insurance in accordance with government requirements in order to guarantee the quality of our service and the confidence of our clients.

Our fleet is comprised of automobiles, Chevrolet Suburbans, and buses that all have insurance policies, air-conditioning, and come with drivers who know the area and speak English.

Find our customer service and ticket sales desk just a few steps from the departure area for national and international flights at the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport.




(max 3 passengers)

(max. 6 passengers)

I (Downtown Zihuatanejo) $200.°° $540.°° $1,065.°°
II (La Ropa, neighborhoods) $250.°° $640.°° $1,200.°°
III (Ixtapa Hotel Zone) $250.°° $640.°° $1,200.°°
IV (Club Med, Melía, Playa Linda) $300.°° $700.°° $1,300.°°
Casa Que Canta $594.°° $1,320.°°
Hotel Las Palmas $550.°° $1,100.°°
Playa Viva $891.°° $1,776.°°
Amuleto $715.°° $1,430.°°
Cerro del Vigía $715.°° $1,430.°°
Barrio Viejo $660.°° $1,320.°°
San Jeronimito $561.°° $1,127.°°
Barra de Potosí $715.°° $1,430.°°
Pantla $748.°° $1,496.°°
Petatlán $825.°° $1,496.°°
Juluchuca $841.°° $1,683.°°
Buena Vista $880.°° $1,760.°°
Lagunillas $1,034.°° $2,062.°°
Coyuquilla $1,034.°° $2,062.°°
Troncones $1,204.°° $2,409.°°
Majahua $1,127.°° $2,255.°°
La Unión $1,182.°° $2,150.°°
Los Llanos $1,122.°° $2,255.°°
Zorcua $1,430.°° $2,860.°°
Papanoa $1,430.°° $2,860.°°
La Saladita $1,408.°° $2,816.°°
Petacalco $1,650.°° $3,300.°°
San Luis $2,200.°° $4,400.°°
Vallecitos $2,200.°° $4,400.°°
Lázaro Cárdenas $2,183.°° $4,367.°°
La Mira $2,530.°° $5,320.°°
Playa Azul $2,530.°° $5,060.°°
Tecpan $2,816.°° $5,632.°°
Atoyác $3,289.°° $6,567.°°
Caleta $3,850.°° $7,700.°°
Arteaga $3,850.°° $7,700.°°
Coyuca de Benitez $4,400.°° $8,800.°°
Acapulco $6,567.°° $11,000.°°
Chilpancingo $6,567.°° $14,225.°°
Mexico City $13,101.°° $26,202.°°
Special Extra Long Van service from airport to hotel or hotel to airport.
(Toyota, Urvan) 10 passengers maximum.
Special Luxury Suburban from airport to hotel or hotel to airport. (includes moist towels, bottled water or soft drink) 6 passengers maximum. $1,750.°°

Special Sprinter Service from airport to hotel or from hotel to airport.

Bus service from airport to hotel or hotel to airport. $3,500.°°

These rates are subject to change without prior notice.

We also offer service to Río Nexpa as well as any
other destination within the Mexican Republic.

Credit cards accepted.

Contact us and reserve your transportation.

Telephones: Office (755) 553-6313
(Hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Airport (755) 553-7030
Fax: (755) 553-7032
(from the U.S.A. & Canada first dial 011-52)
Address: Enlace Terrestre Aeroportuario S.A. de C.V.
Carretera Playa Las Pozas
(next to the Telmex antennas)
Col. El Aeropuerto, C.P. 40880
Zihuatanejo, Gro.
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